three: easy to send the chain is invalid.


do you feel the dozens of the chain, hundreds of the chain today and pleased with oneself. However, the query results found not included how much, and even a lot of the chain have been deleted. The chain is equivalent to a network voting. If we can just release the chain, how much this vote? A waste of time and energy, in order to save costs or not do it anymore. The best way is to establish their own brand and reputation, let users willing for you to spread. Don’t say the establishment of brand and reputation is very difficult, more difficult to get more valuable.

Why did

: why do you want to send the chain is the foundation.

May 31st, a friend sent a message in micro-blog said: anyone believe I still believe that the hair of the chain? For this problem, we can only laugh at you, because every day is still outside the chain. After all, the chain is the way to promote the site, do not send the chain site operator is not. In the end the webmaster should also send the chain? What the chain? The following is the guardian of Yuan Kun’s point of view, to explore together.

we know that wine is also afraid of deep alley, for any website, whether it is for any purpose, such as to the website of Shanghai dragon, in order to promote, such as for example is to expand the exposure rate, the hair of the chain is inevitable. Although the love Shanghai search engine has been adjusted algorithm, but the webmaster circle spread "content is king, the chain for emperor" has been enduring. Mrs. Wang maigua is itself, it is inevitable. So the hair of the chain, certainly must do. So for the website operators, the chain how to send

send the chain? I believe that many webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng workers don’t have to think about this problem. The reason is very simple: everyone in the hair, I have to send the chain. For the chain of friends, we must think about his hair of the chain to: I am anti chain, in order to increase Shanghai dragon to their website; I was to give his site to do brand promotion, increase the exposure rate; or for the promotion of products? Know yourself outside the chain is the first purpose of this step.


two: where to send the chain

where to send the chain has always been the most troublesome thing. Although we have always said blog marketing, forum marketing, micro-blog marketing, QQ group marketing, email marketing, marketing, image marketing, video marketing, WeChat marketing, but really do you confused. In this case, guard Yuan Kun thinks stationmaster friends should understand one thing: who is your target audience? Where is the target user. If you don’t know who is their target users, do not know where the target user? All marketing solutions do is a waste of time.

four: the best way to contribute personal recommendation.

if you say what is the best way to get outside the chain? Investment is undoubtedly the best way, whether we go to the official information station.

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