, the first of the site itself

in the website optimization process, the first thing to do is to optimize the design of the site itself, now no matter what you do, pay attention to the table is combined with internal design of the site is in the selection, in the style of the website and web page color collocation push, is to note the rationalization.

is the site optimization to sum up, some of the requirements, we want to help, in the optimization process of the website, Xiaobian recommended some web designers, must be combined with its own characteristics of the site. Meet the specified requirements website optimization scheme, increase web traffic, and help the website to obtain greater visibility.


style design website can be selected to many. For example, if the number of live sites, so suitable for rough in drawing on the outstanding characteristic of this style is exquisite and beautiful photos. There is a very important as live site, there are a lot of beautiful anchor and guy anchor, they usually have a lot of fans, and this is also the need to increase the amount of live website browsing for publicity, so choose a suitable design style is very important.

The design of Keywords

keyword can be said to be a special attention on the website optimization, website is now a lot of visitors need to rely on to run, traffic is a necessary condition for the survival and development of the website. So, in the website promotion, keyword occupy an important position. General unique keywords can be fascinating, attract more users to browse the website. In determining the keyword, should pay attention to the selection of key words, through to push content, screening and summarize the key words.

second, push


colour collocation is one of the doors of knowledge. Now many sites in the text and the background design, do not have a reasonable unified text on the background, cause, or is either too abrupt these two kinds of situations, this is not what we want to see. Therefore, in the project site optimization, a noteworthy problem is that color collocation.

now, with the increase of the number of websites, the website construction optimization is also rising, some sites may focus on some of the original content, so now the requirements are different, not only pay attention to the content of the website, its homepage, color collocation, and design style, all web designers need to consider what, so what are the specific requirements of the website optimization?

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