we can see in this website in Shanghai and Google WebUnion respectively, a sign of love for Shanghai is a palm – Google is an exclamation point, which show the form of the rich from the traditional extended text form, and the big picture show further stimulate the user experience, to seize the user eyeball. Our show in the form of fixed, suspension, patch three forms, fixed and suspended in cooperation in the site, and the patch appears in the video window. WebUnion relative to the PPC search engine advertising, and show the price advantage has a very large volume, because our partners in 45 10000 website alliance. So the show’s channel is very wide.



Remember the

based search engine start, Chinese has 2 big competition, love Shanghai and Google, can be said that the two search engine giant off the network advertising boom in Chinese, eventually became the ultimate love of Shanghai domestic search engines, as the saying goes: want to know what love is, Shanghai. From then the search engine has become a new generation of advertising. Now the search engine advertising competition more and more intense, from the original price of a few cents to click now a keyword click price a few dollars, and even some popular directly reached more than 20 dollars more than the competition, on the strength of some companies, advertising is not a problem, but for some small companies, basic but competition. So the search engine market competition began sharply. In fact, love Shanghai again in 2000 after the establishment of Zhongguancun, the search engine would promote a new form, but this form has not translate well, but now a year after heavy push products – love Shanghai love Shanghai League

1, our form of promotion, promotion of visual impact.

map is love Shanghai League promotion background, love Shanghai our way to launch the search and repeat customers. Keywords is found off against us submit the background, the search after. Webmaster Union will show related industry >


network alliance is by the picture and FLASH form of advertising, such as lily and Google network alliance.


2010, Shanghai WebUnion love from the traditional network alliance into precise Wangmeng, before I want to use Internet users will know before the show and click on the ad although the amount is very large, but the transformation is very small for an online advertising investment of the users, and the needle is not strong. November 2010 Shanghai Wangmeng created revolutionary love update, and Robin Li on the future development of the Internet: a new round of speech. He said it will be a future with age. Therefore, a new round of advertising network alliance comeback. According to the new advertising network alliance is more consistent with the needs of users, because our new form is based on the users search keywords and click on the ads to record user computer COOKIES again after the show.

network user groups search directional lock

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