said the basic label, is nothing more than title, description, keywords, Jinshan today Shanghai Longfeng also said that three points, to see a lot of friends may feel after come no value, these three labels are too simple, but, hey, I believe you will then change their views, good words, not much to say, to the point.

first, title said a word limit, perhaps this is a lot of people do not pay attention, many people search for something, sometimes the main search keywords call out title are actually not completely, though, did not feel too much influence, but I am a little obsessive-compulsive disorder, do not feel uncomfortable, want to click. In fact, title is writing a word limit, although did not say, but I’m here to tell you. Title writing, more than 30 characters, the display will appear…… So, as much as 30 words or less for good.

1, title

? My view is actually this is the same with most of the people, the main keywords 1- keywords 2- 3- brand key words. Now the brand is more and more important, no attention, sooner or later the rank will not be stable. Before the Tianjin Shanghai dragon blog ranking is also occasionally up and down, I have been aware of the lack of a brand, as before, and no one deliberately search Tianjin Shanghai dragon to my attention, but also do not know which is my website, so the ranking will be unstable. So, I changed the title, the original "Tianjin Shanghai dragon", "Tianjin Shanghai Longfeng modified Jinshan blog, so they set up a brand. Every day with statistics can also see that someone is through search Jinshan Shanghai dragon came to my site, so, increase the others for my understanding of the brand. Increase exposure. Thank you for your support of the Jinshan. Here in fact, modify title this, to remind you. Can small modifications, for example, I just added 4 words, this is not the problem, don’t one-time change too much, so, definitely will cause problems.

first said, is limited to description words, 80 words, after the search will show beyond all. According to the Shanghai love optimization guide said above, this does not participate in the voting, calculation. So, as long as the frequent changes, and not too large.

2, description.

Tianjin Shanghai dragon small and there is a period of time not to update the article, is quite busy recently, attention to all my friends know my style of writing, I write about some operable articles, don’t say love pan space. Therefore, today for taking the time to write an article about the simple web based label set of Shanghai dragon website optimization. I hope Shanghai Jinshan dragon to share, to help everyone.

How to write

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