with the product parameters of mining the long tail words this is probably the first implementation of Shanghai dragon industry expert Wang Tong, it do in the optimization scheme for a large electricity supplier website, is to use the way of mining the long tail word, finally let the website to obtain the mass flow.

I made a statistics, I take the station one day data, love Shanghai natural flow is 425, of which 287 are from the long tail word, is almost 2 times the target word. I do like the level of small and medium sized B2C website, is the long tail word has become a major source of traffic. The necessity and importance of the long tail word visible.

1, product / brand + how / money / price

of course, do such a combination of words, also do not blindly, for example: "iPhone mobile phone how this word is basically not what people would search, because iPhone is too famous, we all know that this is the most popular mobile phone, instead of" iPhone mobile phone price "this word is worth to do.

2, using the product parameters, dig out a large number of long tail

we put the words more, composed of several words similar to the keyword phrase called long tail words, this keyword search volume is not high, but very unstable, will change with time and the market index will love Shanghai have a big change. Because of such features, do the optimization of the long tail word, will give people a feeling of chicken ribs. On the long term, the author’s suggestion is that if it is new or small website, do not need too much to do, to dig, and if the development of your site to a certain extent, especially the B2C business website, long tail words must be excavated, because a successful B2C website there will be a lot of traffic from the long tail word.

through the long tail word this way out of the combination, has such characteristics: the search volume is not very high, can get accurate order flow, high conversion rate. Although the search volume is not high, but can use this method

product parameters, that is to say each kind of goods will have different parameters, we can use the combination of parameters, combination of words very much, which is also a long term.

this is a combination of methods for a class of long tail words very common, long tail word search volume out of the combination is generally not low. Users to buy some goods on the net, they will want to know how to evaluate the price of others, will also want to know the goods in the online price is about how much, you may search: Lenovo, Lenovo computer computer how to price, so we do in the long tail word mining, using a combination of form this is very much in line with the user search habits.

B2C website is to mining the long tail of the word, in fact, to tap the B2C site long tail is not difficult, the following is the long tail word mining method B2C website:

The so-called

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