millet science and technology chairman Lei Jun, chairman of Wantong holdings and SOHO China Chairman of the board of directors Pan Shiyi (from left to right)


technology news news June 3rd, sponsored by SOHO China new phase of "Pan conference" in Beijing yesterday held at SOHO3Q, SOHO Chinese chairman Pan Shiyi, chairman of millet Lei Jun, chairman of MassMutual holding Feng Lun and entrepreneurs in a business dialogue.

on business sentiment, Jun pointed out, to tell the truth I think it is not a man to do, are worthless dry, a normal person will not choose entrepreneurship. Because the choice of entrepreneurship, chose a very painful life, stress, confusion, others do not understand or even despise, really can succeed just a few, the vast majority of entrepreneurs have become a paving stone.

Pan Shiyi seems that today’s business is not the same, because more fair, the past is a lot of entrepreneurs are very low level of education, including me. Now most of the returnees, brand-name school graduation. In the past mainly rely on resources, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is now based on the Internet, more rely on the ability to more fair.

Feng Lun that has been a bit misplaced". Feng Lun said in the past, the feeling of business is "displaced", now the feeling of business is "bridal chamber", to wear a wedding dress, relatives and friends, but also on eating and drinking, and finally drunk, holding who do not know. The process of entrepreneurship to become so there is one dislocation, the real business is not the case, in the bridal chamber to live a lifetime happiness is difficult, more difficult.

this time, Lei Jun said finally have the opportunity to explain the pig on the outlet of this sentence, which once had become the focus of criticism, it is opportunistic, "I think the first point, any success in any field needs to be hard for ten thousand hours, all need to practice ten thousand hours. If there is no basic skills on the flying pig that is really an opportunist, no one success after training ten thousand hours can be successful. So, we should not ignore the pigs flying in the air today, they are not only practiced for ten thousand hours, may have practiced for more than one hundred thousand hours, which is the premise that we are ignored."

addition, Lei Jun also suggested Entrepreneurs: "if you are the first grade university, I suggest you first to learn English. I really feel very sorry, because my English is poor, so I was ashamed of my alma mater." (Shang Zi)

below is a selection of Dialogues:

Lei Jun: today the vast majority of entrepreneurs, about entrepreneurship, to tell the truth I think business people do not have to do, is worthless, as a normal person will not choose entrepreneurship. Because you once you choose a business, you have chosen a painful life, your great pressure, difficulties and confusion, others do not understand, or others despise, the true success peak is one of the few people, the vast.

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