who is a new webmaster, so, this article is to prepare the new owners. Veterans can choose to detour! For optimization, is the most difficult to cross time. Because the new owners are very impatient, anxious today tomorrow to do optimization, ranking as the rocket rose. I want to say, this is not scientific. If there is no concept of time, will let the new Adsense confidence damaged, how long can rank up. Fortunately, you see this article.

Of course

is how the specific analysis of each industry? Each keyword has a different data, so it is not good for unity. For example: the website is to do the wedding photography. Want to do the words "Sanya wedding photography", then we have to study what is wanted to make Sanya wedding photography the most users want to see? What is next? Again what? Small studies, most users want to see the effect, also is the image of Sanya wedding photography, do not believe you can search for "Sanya wedding photography" love Shanghai picture first. That is to say, love is what Shanghai needs Sanya wedding photography. If your site has high quality pictures, love Shanghai will give you ranking. This is not enough to row up words, look at what is next? To shoot wedding photography people want to know how much is the price. That is to say, if our site is high quality pictures, also marked price. So it can better meet the needs of users. Again, you want to shoot wedding photography will definitely want to take a set of the most beautiful, also will pick and choose do not know how to choose a good. This time, we put on our website in a "attention" and "hot" "like".

new sites, even if there is only a pseudo Ranking Ranking. It can be said that the ranking perhaps not essential, today, tomorrow is gone, ranking for a week, but still will fall off. Why is this? This is because love love Shanghai sea data processing, some websites fall, you will come up, and then love Shanghai handle data to you, your ranking also disappeared. That is to say, in three months, your site is not with the ranking ability, because the love of Shanghai has a period of study (sandbox).


site selection, some new owners unknowingly, choose difficult words. The consequences of this is the absolute as can be imagined, blow blow. Do not be too ambitious, it will be hit from the faith. If the choice of keywords, optimization is the most important step, if the words chosen, not only flow, and the optimization of the difficulty is not high. This will be analyzed.

website optimization keywords analysis, or how to optimize. There are some good webmaster will say, send original, quality chain, and adhere to adhere to, certainly will be able to make up words. It is completely mistaken, Shanghai dragon master will not do this, even if it is also occasionally. Master is the analysis, analysis of love Shanghai, their own site, ranking will slowly go up.

Optimization of the general three months are not ranked

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