this morning long micro-blog see a new ranking, that has been ranked in second place, a feeling of surprise, but also began to doubt, long micro-blog last week in the first second pages, it is 11 in the legend, these days also thinking about how to make the site to get rid of the disadvantageous position today, this kind of surprise came too suddenly, so I don’t believe that, but let me think a conjecture of some time ago, in order to verify this, I determined long shots, micro-blog ranked second figure is as follows:

at the beginning of the September Shanghai World Congress love released a version of the home page, but also updated some ranking techniques, such as this for different ranking function. Now the love of Shanghai technology innovation has been beyond our imagination, the love of Shanghai has started to record the user’s search habits, and try to provide different content based on user preferences. The Shanghai dragon are definitely not a good news, then how should the Shanghai dragon change? Long micro-blog think: former Shanghai Phoenix are purely for the sake of ranking and Shanghai dragon, the rankings have flow, rarely consider the user experience, we know that the search rankings are constantly changing, and the user’s favorites do not often change, we do not demand for users to remember website or homepage, but at least let him add to favorites, is the direction of our efforts, can directly access, and not always in search of love Shanghai.

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also suggest the webmaster after micro-blog search rankings, also can not simply rely on manual to check, you see that the ranking may be false, after all, many webmaster friends are love search for a word and then click on your own website in, so it is easy to be in love with Shanghai this new deception, think oneself really ranking go up, try to clear the browser cache, see your ranking in

then I clear the browser cache, re search ranking, the result has been completely different, not ranked on the first page, and is in the original second page first, I also intercepted the first page in front of the rankings, micro-blog did not rank long map as follows:

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