quiz website, always believe that you are not the first one on the problem people. You go to most of the problems already encountered by others, would solve. The answer is there, just waiting for you to find it. So along the way, even we do not understand the industry, we can do the analysis of user needs to do keyword analysis. The answer is in the big question inside, and that the next step is to talk about how to ask the site accurately identify the needs of users with everyone, making the success of the content, to meet the user, so that our Shanghai dragon win in the search engine technology.

We choose

as long as several large Q & a site can, like domestic big quiz Website Search ask, love Shanghai know, ask the question and answer, Sina, Qihoo, YAHOO answers and so on, these are some of the traditional quiz website, we used more, so that the amount of data accumulated is also the largest. Of course, the new question we can try, for example, know peace, love of Shanghai new. Now Sina also opened a micro what, you can try, because these new Q & a platform is relatively new, less data platform. But there is a certain reference value, you look like the know there is high quality content, Sina micro what is social attribute, pertinence is also very strong, timeliness is excellent, we all need to make good use of.

method is also very simple, as long as we take to do keyword input into the search on it. For example, I was doing the pump industry, I know in Shanghai love inside search pump this word, and then you will see all kinds of questions about pump. Then we for the first twenty pages each inquiry platform problems are recorded, estimation of such a word down there will be hundreds of data words down, there will be thousands of data, these data we need to organize, also is the intersection. Statistics of what problem is the most users ask, those users are asked the most natural question is to use.

in the wrong direction, efforts. I believe this saying everyone is heard, so the direction is to do anything first the way to go, we must first determine the direction before doing anything, and is on the right side. We do Shanghai dragon even want to know what the user needs, the user needs is the direction of our website content. In the station before we first have to understand the user, which has several potential demand in the search for the word, our website through what way the user solve these problems, so as to retain users, this is the basic idea of each website. But many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners into a company, the understanding of this industry is a blank. Casually throw you a few words or some industry words, say you do it. This time we in the industry do not understand the situation, under the needs of users do not understand the situation how to do? Is actually not difficult, that is to find answers to questions and answers in the website.



When using the

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