again, the content length is also worthy of our attention. We know that the content should not only focus on quality, forms of content should be diversified to do, remember the time > FENG

second, website content must adopt an original approach. Original content is only the foundation, we can not occur in the N years before Chen Zhima, millet bad things out when the news release, so the content of material we have to make a choice, the best reference nowadays where their products or industries are discussed, such as their new product line, so the industry characteristics, occurrence those worthy of praise or warning news, we all can be used as the experience and lessons, published on its website, the content in writing things should be easy to understand, we must pay attention to the web site keywords do not deliberately into content.

content is king, the chain for the emperor’s optimization idea for a long time dominates the direction, then we optimize, at present the chain for the emperor has gradually lost its main location, we present web site optimization we have to vision gradually transferred to the optimization of content, then we how to construct the website content under the foot, may be a lot more concerned about the issue, following the author will think the optimization of several key and all one by one.

er a lot of Shanghai dragon for the quality of the content of misunderstanding. We know the content of the website search engine quality has been given a higher weight, but I found many webmaster to cater to this algorithm to love Shanghai, everyone in the wanton camouflage and perfunctory, is to optimize the content of service but not for the user in the search engine to write articles, many small skills appeared a large number of false original content, and even the original content in the mixed with a lot of not very relevant keywords, users see a bit puzzled is two. For example, in order to content length, running account a lot, in order to add long tail words in the title, directly to the long tail word found stuffed in the title, the author thinks that it is in self defeating, love Shanghai algorithm, when a lot of user behavior in leading our website ranking optimization. So, the author thinks that in order to optimize the search engine optimization, and in order to provide these so-called original content, all is useless, is Shanghai dragon Er great misunderstanding to the original content.

so, what should we do? First of all, the content must be around our users to do. I don’t think the pseudo original content, I add a lot of keywords in the content, my title is to increase a lot to the optimization of the long tail word ah, if you are an old station is a station, so I didn’t say, but a simple enterprise station or the station, I think you still have a service for the user to make the station optimization is more cost-effective, the search engine is not the same for different weights given by the owners, the enterprise stand what we draw is popular, the user of the site recognition, user access traces, these are the foundation of ascension website weight.

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