map of the HTML format is to the user to find what they want or the entrance, the map will certainly be search engine grab. The equivalent of a signpost, so that users will not find on the website of the

finally, I think all the best site should establish an independent XML map, which is of great help for the search engine rankings do not lose the greater, the search engine ranking is often due to a fine details and determines of ranking.

in the strict sense, the XML map is a site map of Shanghai dragon R often talk, this map is the general search engine to see, let the spider to distinguish between primary and secondary directory on the sites and grab the more accurate, we usually see the Sina portal can be the instant search engine grab XML is because the map effect, long time stay in XML spider map, so as to timely grasp of information. So for the XML map is a map format of each site indispensable.

The main function of the confused and disoriented

site map is the most often overlooked factor, when we put too much energy into the chain or content, if more attention to focus on the site map, it is more like search engine crawling and ranking, this I specifically for the site map to do an interesting experiment. In the end what format for the site map.

blog or CMS program comes with some site map generation plug-in, and the site map will usually have XML and HTML format. So we choose the site map format is often confused in the choice, we will according to the 2 format of the map to make a rough analysis.

so, what XML and HTML format map, how do we do it first, my advice is if it is a complicated large portal or the site of information, then there must be a HTML map and XML map, as a result, in too much information on the website, both users and search engines are not the first time to see or you want to grab the content, so large information site class must do 2 hand. The user experience and Shanghai dragon also perfectly, and the general class of enterprise website or personal site is necessary to create a XML site map, because in these two sites should be more attention to search engine rankings, that is to concentrate more on the future and for spiders crawl, such as before my website: before the articles included is not very good, is often separated by many days will be included, and add XML map, search engine spiders have long stay in the map, a new article will be the first time to grab.


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