URL and I saw the Title Description

this is a spider to intercept URL and Title Description

< >


This is

let’s see the Jingdong’s product list page! The first two maps compare

is important to know that because this is included, ranking the premise, so our website should be as far as possible to meet the spider! Yes, we should try to cater to the spider, as far as possible not to cater to the spider, if we completely cater to spiders, it should be like this:



click on the "air conditioning", the URL must be 贵族宝贝360buy贵族宝贝/products/737-794-870.html, the product list page should be all products within the country have expanded the scope of the display, so many goods, certainly, and will have the goods status, no spot in Chengdu, Beijing total, not Beijing, the rest of the total there……

But this is

from the above we can see that this page has not been included, that spider may not reach here, look at this link is judged by JS



which is the same link to enter, but the effect is completely different, when we enter the "air conditioning" this list of the program (as shown below) the user address, display the regional title and list of products are based on local goods based show, I was in Chengdu, so I see here the Title is the "Sichuan Chengdu City air conditioning market price evaluation []


from the above points overall, this page Shanghai dragon is done quite bad, are not included, where Shanghai dragon


problem, if users want to buy an air conditioner, but the air conditioning in Chengdu is not available, but Beijing has the goods, which will cause the user may not shoot (no goods state products can not be taken for a long time), the user selected didn’t buy? This is a big problem. Who is the second? Or some users will choose to have the goods, shoot, if Beijing has the goods, users shoot, who can guarantee that the goods second days can be sent to the user at home? All that there is a very big advantage in Jingdong and Taobao competition, that is the speed and free the postage, most of the products are in second days or even on the day of arrival, Taobao can give you a few sellers with shipping. From Beijing to Chengdu postage but very expensive, and it is difficult for users to quickly get the goods, as a result, its speed and free postage no advantage.

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