May 20th, co-founder of exchange event, cloud Tencent and Hefei high tech Zone signed a framework cooperation agreement, the Tencent cloud base was officially settled in Hefei high tech Zone, for the enterprises in the park open industry with the largest free half half price + cloud resources. The two sides agreed to invest less than 10 million of the annual subsidy of resources to support the construction of the project for the 500 companies to provide access to Tencent ecosystem services. Scene, Tencent cloud also with local partners – Anhui in the valley of the cause of a science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement for the Hefei high tech Zone to provide more professional services.


Hefei hi tech Zone, deputy director of the CMC Lv Changfu (left)

Tencent and Tencent director Wang Zhiyong cloud ecological cooperation cloud base opening

cooperation Keywords: 10 million resource support, the 500 entrepreneurial projects

in April 26th of this year, general secretary Xi Jinping came to visit the Hefei hi tech Zone, said, Hefei this place is the ‘people’, so many talented people, is the world of innovation." In fact, in front of the Hefei high tech Zone has been walking in the science and technology innovation, Hefei hi tech Zone is approved by the State Council in 1991 of the first state-level high-tech zone, ranked eighth in the National High-tech Zone in 2015 ranking, with high-tech industrial base in Anhui province is the largest, and rich in science and education resources. Tencent also hopes to be able to Hefei high tech Zone output technology, capital, talent and other resources:

Tencent cloud base located in Hefei high tech Zone, will open free cloud resources to the Hefei high tech Zone to support high-quality entrepreneurial orientation, project of high tech park, high-tech zones will be "cloud + business" to support the plan, recommended by the incubators identified by high-tech zones incubator projects, the Tencent can enjoy cloud free half and half a year half price service. The two sides agreed to support the project in the first full year total to 500, support resources will not be less than 10 million.

Tencent Tencent provides technical exchanges and personnel training services. During the cooperation, the Tencent will jointly Anhui ANCOM cloud Valley Science and Technology Park Co. Ltd., a year in the high tech Zone held 6 field technology salon, open communication and other activities, including the enterprise cloud application architecture, website performance optimization, product thinking, big data exchange. At the same time, will also carry out the "Tencent cloud Park CTO texunban" activities, the park excellent team CTO system of training conducted by Tencent technical experts, park CTO also will be invited to participate in club activities CTO cloud Tencent. In addition, Tencent cloud will also provide financing docking services, a number of domestic joint venture investment institutions to form a joint venture to help high-tech projects in the area on the capital docking.

According to the

protocol, as one of the important content of cooperation, the Tencent cloud into the high-tech zone "DHC coupons supplier", in the scope of the annual coupon DHC, high-tech zone Tencent cloud users can obtain the highest subsidies 100 thousand yuan / month. Meanwhile, Tencent cloud in the park’s first Tencent cloud product experience center >

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