as a webmaster, every hour and moment will focus on the search engine every act and every move. In yesterday’s love Webmaster Platform in Shanghai, so I see an article entitled "the pomegranate algorithm – low quality page terminator" article, this paper illustrates this update algorithm is mainly for those with bad advertisements interfere with the user’s browse the pages, especially for some pop-up ads and content independent theme spam is the representative of the site. For having mentioned in the text of these ads website, will be punished. This is the love of Shanghai and again for the adjustment of. The purpose of needless to say, everything is in order to enhance the user experience.

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this is one of the many websites pop ads advertising and love, because of its display and click rate are very good, there are a lot of natural site owners to hang. Most pop ads sites are some rogue web sites, in addition to affect the user experience, these sites may also make the user’s computer is attacked.

from the above introduction, I think one of the search engines will range included in combat. The love of Shanghai pomegranate distance algorithm on-line and in a week’s time, whether as I guess, only waiting for the love of Shanghai in order to know the update. This paper consists of: 贵族宝贝2jz.net original station network, please indicate the source, thank you

there are a lot of enterprise website consultation page for users and visitors to exchange window, this also belongs to one of the worst advertising. For example, many medical websites, many of these enterprises are consulting station POP display each page in the website, users want to shut off when it is not, I believe will become a part of the search engine hit.

I think love for Shanghai this adjustment will let many owners complain incessantly, as mentioned in this article is for some low quality advertising website adjustment. This phenomenon is a serious violation of the user experience, so the adjustment is inevitable. Low quality advertising website called, I think it is some right click on the pop, pop ads, pop off the page.

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