to do a very simple approach, that is to do with WP, the head of call, is a single page station. The station optimization is to use the WP plugin for the site description, page description. The content of the website is completely pseudo original + acquisition. The chain, hand made five or six all bookmarks and feeds the rest is the blog group, with the dark horse (not in advertising, just because he was lazy, always use the group). Then there is the A5 and Shanghai dragon why forum signature, each to five posts. People net and 58 above the three day, a month to the first row keywords easily.

see all day inside the forum discussion chain group, buy what the link is good, upset. To speak. There are pictures and the truth

site time not more than three months, at the end of last year on a month’s time, Shanghai love weight to 4, the main keyword is taobao贵族宝贝 fur index was about 3000, ranked first, because the above reasons Webmaster Tools showed two cache, IP1000 or so.

during the Chinese New Year and didnt have the website ranking years after serious decline, IP10, was changed to the API station, plus change site title change keywords. API content not, only to send the chain. Consider to do is women’s taobao贵族宝贝 this kind of competition big word, take the chain strategy is multiple anchor text of the chain, bought 10 a few links, mass tools with mass PHPWind personal home page message every day, brush the anchor text chain. After a week of love Shanghai update, each keyword is ranked above:

this is the last January when the ranking of

this is only ranked after a week after the revision, I believe the future will be better. UNIQLO flagship store Taobao 贵族宝贝youyikudian贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep.

You can see

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