analysis of the website in the US after the mark, consult a website right down to your station responsible person, one day have not in general, and what, if there is a large drop, the website will make some revision, here refers to the modified version of the revised structure; in fact many industry before the ranking is very good, but the structure of a wide range of change, and then after consulting a wide range of examples is the change of the.

first, analysis of the site before, there must be an overall summary of the website, which is an overall understanding of the overall understanding here refers to the site included, outside the chain, ranking snapshot (above only refers to the love of Shanghai), here recommend using tools to view, but this is not the main. And if there is serious, so it is necessary to view the history of history, is a very important analysis, can see the day the site out of the question, the love of Shanghai included a big drop, love Shanghai anti chain drop like, then to the day mark, this time there is no keywords ranking, the key word here refers to all the keywords.

second: right down in the process, do not easily modify the title; if you modify the site you drop right in the process, then the correlation of the website is a stimulant; but to make a more important part, such as the analysis of site, such as our common examination Links situation, avoid joint action, Links is a vital part, must grasp the situation, in some cases on the server side of things, believe that everyone on the day that Shanghai dragon why jump to the second page also remember, only the teacher said it was because the server reasons that caused this situation. Some say that love is only second days in Shanghai, Shanghai, why>

first: increase the chain efforts about web site optimization process link is essential, every link is on your website to vote, how to do so here is recommended links, buy links to optimize the ranking, if it is a very good weight link, so this time at least should be calculated in a month, stability is the truth, when after a period of time, it is the weight of the transfer is in accordance with the month to calculate, the longer, the higher the weight transfer, and buy links will be more, improve the weight of network station.

so, we should make efforts to restore the site, then we should be how to do it.

today in the forum to see a website drop right, to analyze the reasons of a right to drop, in fact, on the site down right there are many kinds of diagnostic sites, then analyzed and summarized on the overall site, generally I have a few aspects through the analysis and understanding. Often in the forum to see a lot of friends say that the site is down right, the site was K and the like, then the diagnosis of the knowledge website is Shanghai dragon must, then restore the weight is we want to master.

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