2, around the new key >

1, in front of all can be done to prevent the title right down, if you have modified the right to be reduced, can according to the above the 3 to modify.

two, modify the title right downMethods

1, the appropriate modifications will bring unexpected benefits to the rank of the website, but the title changes do not go against the wishes of users, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in order to do rankings over emphasis on keywords, the keywords far fetched to make a title, this is not in line with the user experience, the user clicks Chinese keyword ranking not too many rules, when an attractive title will cause the user clicks, such as you in third, opponents in second, your beautiful title may not be more than second clicks difference.

we do optimization in site preparation stage, will be one by one on the website in which a few keywords make, make reasonable evaluation according to the data. This is also required in Shanghai Longfeng process, but the thing is not absolute, most of the time we received the list is the website or our own website for some time after the discovery of keyword selection at the beginning of make a wrong decision, then we would need to modify the site title, page title changes a lot of friends are worried about not understanding caused by search engines, accompanied by the danger of K, it also can not blame your search engine, after all the signs changed, who have maintained a suspicion, but as long as we modify the title pay attention to some problems, generally do not have the risk of K.


, a website headlines concern

site title is equivalent to an appearance of the website, he can let the subject information search engine rapid access site, and users can also be informed about the contents of this page from the site of the title, this is equivalent to the facade of the store. Based on this, the title of the site is particularly important in the search engine optimization.

3, modify the title of the site, you need to focus on the modified keyword write some original articles to consolidate this keyword, subsequent updates daily, as it should be, insist on a period of time, the anchor text in the station outside the station and add these keywords.

, 4 new words do not recommend modifications, search engines have a period of observation of the new station, this time as saying the truth does not explain how you choose keywords, are included but not what weight, modify the bad impression, do not use, after the observation period to mature period, this stage can change you the title of the website.

2, modify title avoid large area changes, can make local modifications or the use of word to modify, but ultimately not from the theme of the site, if the site is subject to change, your business projects are changing search engine needs to consider, if you are American, every change can make changes, and then change the time interval.

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