keyword targeted optimization, a page keywords in the 2-3, the excess can do long tail keywords to do optimization. First optimize targeted keyword ", to optimize the key words in bold, and set the anchor links to other pages of this keyword, need to add the anchor link to the corresponding page, this is the first home page can increase the link second, can increase the browsing amount of PV. The specific reference 3Cschool website internal link set. Moreover is the internal site long tail keywords set, can appear in the title page, when you publish the article title, plus a response of long tail keywords. The other hand at the bottom of each article plus, you may love or you may love the page. In this link, "

second: website internal keyword optimization

or title title, and a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Description Keywords’s Meta attribute. In the global A5 forum often believe that children’s shoes, just open a post, will be the two label greets, tired of all sick, there is a paper of these elements exist. It is important because, will appear again. For example, I was doing the translation company, title adds, "Beijing translation company, Beijing translation company translation company Mu Diling title" the title is not to say that you want to write many words to write the number. Title Title but no more than thirty words, to laconism. Remember do not stack keywords. And the title label content of each page should be different. Furthermore, the description tag, if you are a business station, introduce what you do, then add the phone number. Describe a time when appear less as far as possible "the first, such words". Although keywords is now on the search engine role as big as before, but also careful write, general area + keywords, target keywords, how to write, you can refer to the same industry website or tool to query keywords love Shanghai.

Each page has a

first, title, description, keywords

to become a qualified Shanghai dragon, need to know to search engine search algorithm principle, the revision of the code, can understand the site layout, can have web log analysis, can find the true and false spider, can the hair of the chain, can do website internal links, can undertake the website ranking drop, can stand the boss scolded. Can….. Sometimes I want to become a qualified Shanghai dragon, sweat and effort is not ordinary people can think, can only really do this, can have deep experience.

well, and share what I do for the Shanghai dragon two months experience. Although the experience of everyone looks very simple, easy, but the real for you to do, how much will also make you ponder for a while.

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