in the Jingdong "on the final product page of Shanghai dragon" in the rational distribution of keyword density, analysis of Shanghai Longfeng part of the Jingdong, today we see the means of marketing.

look at the following letter, we call it as the narrator. (Liu Bie Mawo (*^__^*)), the narrator is only to remind the user from A to Z, a message: affordable. Very direct tell users, this product is really very cheap, you see, so many activities. As long as the user really feel it is very cheap, so it is also the purpose of even reached.



was accompanied by the notice of price cuts, if users feel after the product may be the price, now in no hurry to buy, you can subscribe to a notification about the price, price information, Jingdong will send email to you immediately. Let your time thinking about it, whether this notice will bring order who are not sure, but one thing is for sure, there must be a part of the user for a long time to remember the brand of the Jingdong. If the user to send over the price notice, I think that users should be very hard to forget the Jingdong.

here is using the price of Jingdong ", and the narrator together, suggesting users, something really cheap, but only Jingdong have the price elsewhere is to buy the price. Of course, whether it is so I don’t go to the bottom, but the words can indeed play a role.

title is very concise, but also very accurate, just a word to the brand and the type, attribute roughly said quite clearly, that’s not nice, when many users buy air conditioning only on these kind of attribute understand, the specific parameters of the other I’m afraid not many people see understand, even read it may not necessarily be too much to pay attention to it, a simple title to product attributes most of the concerns of the user to describe it, accurately grasp the user psychology, grasp the key points.

The price of


look at the promotional information, although the narrator has put this product promotion information introduced very clearly, but also exquisite language does not have a price below the discount how much more to stimulate consumer.

for the electricity supplier, product pictures can be said to be one of the most important link, because the user can not touch the real, only to product images to identify whether they love the appearance of the product, so the picture is clear and beautiful, and not the physical gap, is a very important product transaction, if the picture messed up, then just take the first step you get on the ground, if the picture is too beautiful, it is distorted, real and pictures gap is too big it is prone to return disputes. So I understand, product pictures should at least have the three elements: clear, beautiful and true. Jingdong in this area is doing pretty good.

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