to improve the user experience, good adjustment algorithm, should now be reordered in the debug database, the classification of all the pages so site website ranking changes with the change from day to day and gone, love Shanghai to make final preparations at the beginning of the official release.

Compared with the usual

love Shanghai launched the intimate algorithm on the station in a relatively high quality requirements, we only do the chain may before the station with the acquisition of the neglect of writing original article, do the user experience, so the algorithm adjusted because the website does not meet the love of Shanghai and lower ranking algorithm, encounter this problem when we can every day write one or two original article, improve the site structure, make it easier for users to find the needed products, increase the user experience.

algorithm of database volatility adjustment and love Shanghai, love Shanghai ventilation

five, website update frequency

recently everyone in the group to fire than love Shanghai home position SITE position is not 1, have dropped to second place, there is a direct home searched all included did not see, love Shanghai included fluctuated, yesterday is 80 thousand, today is 150 thousand, the chain is the same. Twenty thousand yesterday, fifty thousand today, the most important is to love Shanghai rankings, yesterday was 4 of the weight of the station, on the front page of the table, suddenly become 100 ranking today, the weight becomes 0, many webmaster found this problem, if this is a new station that are not accustomed to seeing strange, for a three year old station will be such a situation that is not normal, the above problems, I summed up the reason of several possibilities, we can also evaluate


this is the most likely cause, otherwise how could what operations are done, a three year old station ranking will suddenly disappear, love Shanghai Lee years ago is said to be the new algorithm, graphic display is not very reasonable, the original recognition rate is not ideal, love in Shanghai adjusted.

(formerly the weight is 4, today suddenly become 0 weight)

love Shanghai in the fight against the Shanghai dragon industry, let us by the Shanghai dragon doesn’t love Shanghai rules can not let us with the customer account, let more customers in Shanghai auction, so a greater profit.

I feel

new year, some words of user search habits far, user search habits will display data search results page, closer to the user experience.

two, the website structure, the quality of the page on

four, love Shanghai in the fight against the Shanghai dragon

New Year holiday for several days, many websites are not updated after the holidays, everyone in the update their site, thus undermining the site update frequency, enter the site temporary observation period, update time to love Shanghai to.

replies together

three, according to the user experience and website ranking changes


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