pay more attention to the Internet search habits, pay more attention to these, and summed up, and then combined with their own website to be modified or improved, in order to let their target customers, the best and fastest to find our website. This is probably a good user experience! Let customers in the shortest time, accurate to find their own needs. So we should pay more attention to the Internet search habits.

sum up, I think everyone on your own website with new and rankings should have a new understanding! To grasp the above points, keep regular updates on their website, focus on the search engine algorithm, focus on the competitors website on Internet users search habits.

Third, pay attention to

I think we must know that the recent love Shanghai, is not as before, optimization is also difficult than before, before the effective technology in Shanghai after the changes will become invalid or a small role, for example, four or five years ago, the number of the most important external links, then slowly transformed into the quality to win. Then the anchor text is more and more important, the recent anchor text weight seems to have declined. The optimization of the page, the same words, H1 before the weight is higher, nearly two years of decline, the picture text weight increased ALT. These small changes can cause website ranking, flow fluctuation. So Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel must be accumulated for a long time, attention to the search engine algorithm change, when necessary to make improvements to the website.

all have competitors, we are from the same starting line, all efforts may see what is the difference, but when one party slack, so the difference will be very obvious. This is the reason why to do know the truth, pay attention to the latest trends of competitors, and adjust their strategies. As to ensure the stability of their own time, ensure the advanced, to be victorious.


pay more attention to the construction of the chain’s own website, and Links, inspection, if found to have problems to deal with. There is some low quality links, will be deleted in Shanghai love to update, it will cause the chain site suddenly reduced. The site right down, or the decline in ranking, these are very important, so shut the person also needs to pay more attention to their.

business game was a lot of people know, many owners have begun to join the fight in the game like a raging fire case, many websites will experience out of many websites, which is also my good website that will take your stand out of the way, so that there is a problem, the new station and the old station, a new momentum, the basic stability of the old station. The new station is always trying to keep moving forward and crowded, the old station that is stable, will relax vigilance, not so hard. Then there could be a drop to battle. How to avoid

, Fourth

search habits

first, always pay attention to search engine algorithms

In second, Focus on your own website

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