[TechWeb] reported on May 3rd news, Leo shares A shares today issued notice that the company and 7 other investors to be jointly invested 780 million yuan in Beijing car and home Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "car and home") capital. Among them, Leo shares invested 350 million yuan, after the capital increase will hold 11.745% stake in the car and home. This calculation, the car and home valuation of 2 billion 980 million yuan this round.


Li Xiang third venture company car and home for a capital injection of nearly $780 million valuation of nearly $3 billion

car and home is the home of the founder of Li Xiang’s third venture project, had created a bubble network and car home. Car and home incorporated in April 10, 2015. At present, the company’s shareholders in addition to Li Xiang, including Shen Yanan, vice president of Lenovo’s supply chain car home, vice president of finance Li Tie Ming potential capital founding partner Huang Mingming, pcpop.com co-founder Fan Zheng, Qin cause qichezhijia CEO et al.

according to reports, the car and home location for the city intelligent transportation service providers, the sales model for combining online and offline, online through a proprietary platform sales, the line through self experience stores and distributors store display products, orders by car and home uniform delivery to the customer. At the same time, with the help of vehicle networking technology, the car and the home can be used to integrate the upstream and downstream industry chain to open up to provide users with one-stop maintenance, repair, insurance, auto finance and other value-added services.

announcement shows that the car and home in Changzhou covers an area of 750 acres of all aluminum vehicle factory has started construction for the production of vehicle battery standard plant will also be put into use during the year. The second half of 2017, car and home will be launched for the 30 km radius of the city travel demand of pure electric vehicles SEV (intelligent electric vehicle); the second half of 2018 will be launched for extended range electric SUV radius 300 km travel demand (sport utility vehicle).

Leo shares investment vehicles and

to achieve the company in intelligent electric automobile manufacturing field layout. In addition to the other 7 Leo shares, investors are Ningbo Jie source venture investment partnership (limited partnership), Shanghai Huasheng flying equity investment partnership (limited partnership), Shenzhen Cheng Hong Asset Management Ltd., Changzhou Takeminami new energy automobile Investment Co. Ltd., Jiaxing was one of equity investment partnership (limited partnership), Ningbo Meihua Ming Shi investment partnership (limited partnership) and Zhang Xuesong. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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