10: 2 people to make money with neck above, 8 people make money with the neck;


what is the long tail of

10: 2 rich people, 8 people are poor; 20% people have 80% of the wealth of the world, 20% of the 80% working people.

10: 2 people plan for the future, 8 people in the morning to do today;

10: 2 people will insist, 8 people will give up;

10: 2 people to seize the opportunity, 8 people miss the opportunity;

10 people: 2 people dominate, 8 people dominated by others;

long tail concept specific appeared in 2004, by foreign researchers, the Amazon online bookstore search engine concept of nobility baby sales data network giant income out, it is closely related with the 2/8 law.

mentioned the long tail will have to mention the 2/8 rule. Have a friend around the intense discussion of 2/8’s law.

10: 2 people tomorrow. Today, 8 people today. Tomorrow;

2/8 law can be a lot of phenomenon is very widely used in our daily life, take the CD, a video disc singing company, 80% of the revenue from only one of the most popular 20%CD; the other 20% sources of income is not very popular in 80%CD.

10: 2 goals, 8 people love to think;

10 people: 2 positive thinking, 8 negative thinking;

10: 2 people to do business, 8 people to do things;

What is the law of 2/8

in the Internet industry, as long as do some network marketing foundation of almost all of the people know that the long tail theory, because the long tail of the birth and existence is a platform based on the Internet it is possible to achieve. In reality, all resources are scarce, especially for LAN Xuan original land resources is as human population growth and shortage of terror, Internet >

can explain how the long tail: 100 copies of goods, of which only 20 copies of products of superior quality, is now on the market a LAN Xuan original one of the most popular products, the remaining 80 copies of the product quality is inferior, not many people are concerned; in accordance with the cost accounting, 20 optimal commodity price of 4 yuan / share, the remaining 80 times than the commodity price of 1 yuan / share. Then the final sales comparison is: 20× 4=80× 1 – [80×]; 1 is the long tail of the goods.

10 people: 2 people can do it, 8 people can not do;

?The famous

10: 2 people affected by the success of the people, 8 people affected by the failure of the people;

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