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original love Shanghai and other search engines to emphasize the "user experience" is the "search", with a shorter time than the

Robin Li proposed Shanghai "love box plan" third stages "not found that use, in which the love of Shanghai took the initiative to undertake the traditional navigation website and various browser favorites navigation function. And, according to the browser favorites collection site too much inconvenience to find; the traditional site navigation is limited to the few well-known websites, and search users interact less weakness. The sea will fall in love with advantages of the organic combination of various browser favorites and traditional navigation website, allowing users to edit personalized "Favorites" in Shanghai to love the home page prominently displayed, truly "not found that use, greatly facilitate the search for users, but also greatly enhance the love of Shanghai clay. At the same time to love Shanghai "with the user to the princes, greatly enhance the commercial value of the objective self.

September 2010, love Shanghai "instant use" function on the line in Shanghai — the search box enter the keyword search, in the original "instant"

but this is not conducive to small and medium site situation is not formed overnight, as early as in 2010, Robin Li proposed the "frame plan" when it has begun. Before the love of Shanghai in pursuit of the user experience is the "search" – respond more quickly, enter the keyword search quickly draw relevant results in Shanghai love the search box, as long as the leading search engines such as Google 0.001 seconds is victory.

obviously, love Shanghai and search for users, so the brand website is not conducive to the win-win situation of small and medium-sized websites, because no instant "means that, if the same industry brand website is more active users to add (or love Shanghai more automatic, do add) was not to add more users love Shanghai home of the small website, even the original through the search engine ranking keywords to get traffic has greatly reduced the possibility of.

in mid May, the love of Shanghai registered users, Shanghai introduced the "add love beloved Shanghai home" function in the search results the following tips: "you love Shanghai users can directly access the site in Shanghai" love home, love Shanghai to guide the user through the way, will for their valuable collection site in Shanghai the home page, and users often use the website will automatically add do love Shanghai. After the user opens the Shanghai love home page, you can click directly into the collection site.

search train timetable prices are integrated together, so the instant use "let more professional website do it afterwards (picture)

custom "love Shanghai favorites" (picture), atmospheric




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