and join the outbound links site exchange links, otherwise it will cause him to your site into the weight than you are to give him a small, not cost-effective;

exchange links with each other before, take the time to carefully analyze whether his site has joined the link factory, if it is, it’s best not to exchange links;

best ask your link with you the link page, general home page PR value is highest, if you are in the home link each other, your link was added to each page, which is not worth

if your site has reached a high level, has no need to "over" the one or two link.

if a high PR value but slow update site, with a low content of fast updating PR value but choose a site to exchange links, then choose the latter. Because the website information update frequency transfer is more important than the simple transfer of the PR value, the other high frequency update attracted spider can "by" frequently visited your website;

2 as far as possible and those with your site theme related site exchange links, help to improve the relevance of the theme of the whole station;

1 do not and those who issue is reactionary, pornography and gambling and other bad information site exchange links;

;Chain into

Links intention is the most original import traffic from other sites, Shanghai dragon appears, nature of link exchange is changed, because the more valuable a vote of confidence from other sites. Link strategy is important for the overall development of the website, but we like other webmasters exchange links can not be blind, here in Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon and put forward the following precautions for the webmaster friends reference. We want to help, can avoid detours to station.

do not link is added to the JS, iframe, flash inside the website to exchange links, these links are not the spider crawling, the effect is zero;


high PR value can not be met. Of course, if you can get outside the chain of high PR, but it is the best;

is of no benefit to your search engine K site, because the search engine that their vote of confidence is invalid. It is not recommended to link with cheating sites, because it is easy to make your website from being implicated and punished by search engine

Don’t have too much

will exchange links with your site if you are full of cheating, do not exchange links with it, although it has not yet been K;


for new sites and do not have much chance to select link exchange partners, at this stage the number of links is the main goal, so long as it is normal website can be a chain exchange object. When a web site to a certain time scale, it should be for those who want to exchange links with your site site selection;

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