3.: real estate for the real estate industry, real estate company of Shanghai dragon personally think of the least attention. Stand in the side to house developers, worry not sell, buy or not buy, not to rise. I searched for several large Real Estate Company in Ganzhou, most sites do not have a website, and outsourcing to hang out hold up the scene. Therefore, the real estate industry thinks Shanghai Longfeng optimization development space, the key is the Real Estate Company pays attention to the network marketing, pay attention to the Shanghai dragon.

Ganzhou is the second largest city of Jiangxi, under the jurisdiction of Ganzhou City 1 District 2 city 15 county. The main city of Ganzhou enterprises are concentrated in the Shahe Industrial Park Development Zone, gold. The types of enterprises mainly include machinery manufacturing, tourism, real estate, rare earth, navel orange, catering etc.. Now I’m on the above industry of Ganzhou Shanghai dragon optimization market analysis.

4. rare earth: Ganzhou is a national key.

1. made in Ganzhou are mainly electric vehicles, batteries, cranes, auto parts and other small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, I am here to small and medium-sized auto parts enterprises for example. In recent years, small and medium-sized auto parts enterprises in Ganzhou developed rapidly, its marketing mode mainly to the traditional salesman also is what we call the buyer, promotion according to their contacts, few enterprises will be used for network promotion. Some enterprises do not have a website, these enterprises do not pay attention to the promotion of network marketing. Some enterprises have their own websites, such as search Ganzhou Jingwei Co. Ltd., while on the home page, but when you get there, it’s just a company website on the Internet, the website does not have Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the long time no update, within the chain chain basically No. The home page is only one master key is the name of the company, no channel page long tail keywords optimization, keyword search index to Shanghai with love to search. As can be imagined, this website basically do not bring traffic. The site is home page ranking first, because the website main keywords index is low, competitiveness of small. In conclusion, there is great market space and development of manufacturing industry in Shanghai Longfeng Ganzhou.

2.: Ganzhou tourism tourism industry in recent years of rapid development, but most of the tourist resources in the undeveloped and developing stage. This is the main resource of Hakka cultural tourism and red tourism. I do take a scenic spots Hakka tourism site here in Shanghai Longfeng optimization market analysis. Love Shanghai rock in a search Jiuzhaigou spa, you will find that this website is good, good writing and often update. Use Adsense tools inquires what the site is the home of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query, within the chain, the chain is doing well, "rock Jiuzhaigou spa" the home page keyword density between the 2% is less than or equal density is less than 8%, in line with the Shanghai dragon optimization requirements. The only shortcoming is "dead links too much. Then I looked at several other scenic spots of the site, found "Shanghai dragon are doing well. Based on the analysis, in the tourism industry of Ganzhou of Shanghai dragon more attention, Shanghai dragon needs to be further improved.

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