my idle domain with previously made a movie collection station, from November 20th to January on the line, now zero for 5 days, in the love of Shanghai search engine slightly a little weight, collected nearly 500 individual words, also rank. I also continue to modify, adjust. See a lot of movies do stand friends, more than half a year, the movie station does not have a page ranking. I say the operation method and experience of me, for reference only.

The The front page of -XX

: domain name

, I search the site several movies about love Shanghai high weight, were more or less with the latest drama, love of Shanghai watch online video, Nora and other words, but I thought, the film collection station mostly rely on video content page ranking bring traffic Oh, page title is not special the important. The title of the page contains your site as long as the main keywords such as XX cinema, time for old users can search again ranked first, reduce the loss of old customers rate can, for the love of Shanghai video, broadcast movie, the latest film of these words, I suggest not to take, because the new station in time, there will not be ranked.


two: the title of the movie station Shanghai dragon

"XXXXXX" 1-N love Shanghai HD Audio online watch – Hong Kong drama film

there are several points, and we discuss. 1: a film about guillemet "whether can be replaced or so [] – the title in the search results more conspicuous, increase the click rate. 2: the title appears inside one and two key words which is better? I personally chose a compromise solution on the site: "the mainland drama" dog stick "complete love Shanghai video online watch _ play >

domain name, I suggest you use the old domain name, old domain words, at best, if not the old domain, through the website to buy a watch, or others used the domain name has expired. Now many stations with the suffix.Cc movie stations are doing very well, and.Cc free special domain name, you can choose a good point. I built a few through the station, the original station of the old domain name included less, the chain of the best. After the program is put up, love Shanghai and other search engines may have a period of change, identify new content, began to include giving weight. But the new domain name, then I am sorry, no one outside the chain, the site is completely new, high repetition rate film acquisition station, not 3 months, Shanghai is not a good love to look.

XXXXXX _XXXXXXX Shanghai _XXXXXXX love video online watch free download -XX film

"XXXXXX" the complete works of love Shanghai video online watch – TV drama theater

say something about the content page title of Shanghai dragon ideas. I refer to some high weight acquisition station movie title, there are some major categories:

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