vivid exactly how, even the number of more than 10000 large chain group, also can make the key ranking to reach an ideal position. So how to release the chain can effectively improve the rankings? Here I share with you some easily overlooked details released outside the chain.

therefore, here I advice you webmaster, you can also do a chain, but do not do too much to the chain, or is likely to cause the website ranking has declined, finally turned into a sieve.

chain is always the eternal topic of Shanghai dragon ER and one of the work, although now love Shanghai algorithm constantly trying to weaken the chain for the website ranking, but as long as a hyperlink in this technology, the role of the chain is never lost, may be only slightly weakened. Many webmaster will pay attention to the number of the chain released more or less, they always thought that the release amount is more, ranking can be more in front, but that is not the case, as the website:




to the chain of technology has been published and expanded, many sites are Shanghai dragon Er mining and development become a chain release platform, small to small forum, to some large sites, if the love experience of Shanghai, the chain platform will release resources for Shanghai dragon Er bring many of the chain. But now the situation is not the same, many owners still think that as long as the chain included, the weight is high enough to ok. It will wantonly in these chain on the platform of the chain. In fact, this approach is not appropriate, I personally think that a good platform for the chain, in addition to collect high weight, also should have sufficient activity. Just imagine, if every day we go to a not what traffic released outside the chain, even if the chain all included, but due to not click, the No one shows any interest in, the chain has no effect on ranking. Choose the chain platform conditions this is three: first, the platform active enough, mainly to see the daily PV, second, platform and website related degree is high, third, health website development platform. The author thinks that the chain on this platform is the most reliable, most assured.

From the

: first the correct choice of the chain release platform

Second: the chain

released the chain very good correlation, if a chain and the misfits website keywords and types, so the chain is the low quality of the chain, even if you didn’t use any 10000, but may make you think love Shanghai spamming the low quality of the chain, finally this website is more punishment, The loss outweighs the gain.. The description of the site is that it is doing business booking website, but to some unrelated sites outside the chain:

The released effective and high correlation

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