of small and medium-sized enterprises generally do not spend too much money and energy to the construction and maintenance, often will choose to find Shanghai Longfeng webmaster optimized with small investment, limited resources, limited energy situation, Shanghai Longfeng work for small and medium enterprises website owners, how to determine their own website theme? The theme of the website a lot, and continuously increasing, the key is to look at the construction site we need is what kind of theme, and then subdivide, finally get a proper website theme. The theme of the site must be professional, refined, cover and contain everything will only let visitors feel no features, we do not need so many portals, not content, once the content can not be more focused, it’s too bad — in fact, we all understand the all rounder than professionals to the road more difficult.

concept is not well understood or something, for example, take a website I recently took over, is a special vehicle for small businesses, over time, the product inside nearly 200 kinds of news, what also many, but included a total of only more than 300. A look at the web site of the keywords "truck", "Hubei Cheng Li (company name)" and "garbage truck", "crane", I asked the boss of the company, this is to do what products? The boss thinks all products will be sold; I answer directly, then you do it. The complex, comprehensive website for promotion. To your site on the home page, you want to do a lot of products, then finally what search keywords, can not see your website, the website to do good, special, fine, you must learn to choose, after the communication was determined only after the last sprinkler. The product of a single, more competitive, site title, description, keywords, products, news is only around it, if users to search the "truck", your junk car news, lorry crane products for him is advertising, will greatly reduce their experience. If you still want to do a lot of products, you can try to do some specific websites, so than you put all the products in a pile on the site a lot stronger.

the theme of the site must be innovative, people are now in an era of information explosion, the same product may have a lot of company in the production, there will be a lot of sites in.

In fact, in addition to

for users to watch news, movie, love big and complete website, if you are searching for something you want to buy (and our website of small and medium enterprises is to promote their products), they must love browsing some fine site, because the fine site can bring them content and more professional knowledge, in order to truly meet the needs of users. Of course, this is also for users can quickly and accurately find the content they want, compared to a large-scale web site, users should also open layers to find what they want, which wastes the time – I don’t think anyone willing to do so, so the small and medium-sized enterprise website is best set in three links every page to a web site.

The website

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