traffic statistics in addition to analysis effect, but also through the source and source of detailed analysis, see the source of site traffic, especially in addition to direct input and search engine into traffic, those reached by third party website traffic, is what we usually construct received after the chain effect. Used to release the soft chain and on other platforms, expect to be able to bring potential users and traffic behavior for the site, at a glance in the analysis of traffic statistics, according to the results, the webmaster can on the chain and the chain effect is successful is not obvious to be aware of, to indicate the direction of the next chain work the chain platform, to further consolidate and make good use of good effect, while strengthening the role of the current did not get to play outside the chain platform construction work, to strengthen the advantages, to make up for lack of.

as a webmaster, for we are very familiar with the traffic statistics tool, in order to visitors to the site every day, IP, PV, source of keywords, access entrance and jump out of the page have a clear understanding of traffic statistics tool has become the webmaster do the necessary tools, embedded to the website page. However, many webmasters may just put it as a tool to view traffic situation, and did not give full play to its function, no fine dig the data behind those who can to the meaning of great help to the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, undoubtedly missed an important tools and opportunities for website optimization.

website optimization is to optimize the keywords ranking, in order to guarantee in the industry or in the field of competitiveness, the owners need by doing optimization, make the site in the search engine keyword search results occupy over the front of the leading position, get more traffic through good rankings, to get more high quality the same industry users. Statistical analysis of keywords in the source of traffic statistics, you can clearly see the daily, weekly and monthly which keywords bring more traffic to the site, and what the expected keywords did not happen, so that it can be performed for adjustment of the optimization measures, strengthen the popular keywords has been able to obtain good flow the consolidation of the existing achievements; but no hot keywords to expected good results will be timely adjustments and modifications, in order to achieve the purpose and effect of the gaps of the.


access source analysis can identify the

1, keyword analysis can make optimization gaps

chain effectThe use of One of the key points of

flow through the tool can be seen clearly see a webmaster website traffic, from the source to the popular keywords, from entering the page to jump out of the page, from the access time to the distribution and so on, these are to optimize the site should pay attention to and reference data from behind these data we can find out the further strengthen the effect of optimization on site optimization to improve the direction of the current. Specifically, the following factors were analyzed:

3, exports to strengthen the analysis of access site within the chain work.

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