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may also have a lot of new friends do not understand what is the Ping service. Here introduce.

because I use the station program is WordPress, here on my personal blog free country as an example to introduce how to use the automatic Ping service.

use the Ping

has just set up it is not by search engines like, usually only included the home page. Spend a month or so new observation period, began to the inside pages included. The inside pages included slow, then we should take some measures to promote the rapid collection of search engines, the following will introduce skills two website content fast included all two methods.


original article is the search engine’s love, so the first thing to do is to enrich the content of the website, multiple original articles. It should be noted here that the timed release, why? If you timed release, the spider can timing to crawl your website, so you can quickly release the spider crawl.

to the website backstage dashboard – Settings – writing, written at the bottom of page update service below to Shanghai automatic Ping address 贵族宝贝ping.baidu贵族宝贝/ping/RPC2 can be preserved in paste. Here only to love Shanghai as an example, when >

how to achieve timing release? Here with a free country as an example, built by the famous WordPress program is a free country. When you write WordPress background, in the edit window on the right side there is a [] released immediately, click on the right side of the [Edit], set a time to achieve timing update. The following figure:

other programs to build a website, should also have a similar function, or through plug-ins can realize the function, if not the function or plugin, then use the method of two, two more active.

Ping services are divided into two types of manual and automatic, here to love Shanghai as an example to introduce.

manual Ping address: 贵族宝贝ping.baidu贵族宝贝/ping.html

enter the URL to your blog or RSS address and click the submit blog can fill in the form, and a manual Ping shortcomings, after each update is had to manually submit, recommend using automatic Ping service.

love Shanghai encyclopedia is to say: Ping is the update notification service based on XML_RPC standard protocol, for the blog content updates fast notification to the search engine, so that the search engine crawl and updated in a timely manner. Popular talk is to tell the search engine: my blog, soon to include me.

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