website optimization is the site from a series of means to start line operation, which means including the basic means of regulation website also includes website external coordination means, while mature means and adept directly determines the development of the site, many sites have now appeared to be love Shanghai search engine right of the phenomenon, which is a manifestation of the site means excessive.

website optimization over the first point is the head of the executive, the task can be said that things are from people and affect other things, and our website is down in the manipulation of the webmaster gradually affect the user and search engine, so as a webmaster we must not be too urgent for work, website operation not a few days or months of things, but a few years or even decades of a process, if the site optimization in a webmaster mentality is: in a few weeks or even shorter time let website ranking rose to love Shanghai home, then this will lead you to the execution of mental instability, finally caused by search engine drop right.


website optimization excessive performance there are many, but.

In fact,

website optimization performance of over second is too much for site traffic, and traffic is the core idea of a website, but it is too for the optimization of flow station standard too, we can find some web portals and website ranking, good website title, keywords, description of its contents are not many however, these Web site traffic is more, but we can also see some website ranking is not good, do not have much influence on the site’s title and keywords and description written more than 100 words, this is the pursuit of the site more long tail traffic leads to redundant, complex, site title keyword description is too complicated. How such a site is not excessive optimization? So this type of website ranking has not up to, what all want to do what can be done .

website in order to rank at all means, in order to rank this is part of the optimization use unscrupulous divisive tactics and stationmaster personnel consciousness, this awareness can often be in 12 years before that site remained for about 1 months, and now? Only your operating problems, within three days of the search engine will love Shanghai on the site, so we come to the conclusion that the website want to rely on fast ranking profitable idea has not, want the website to keep stable and long-term Ranking Ranking, to achieve a steady development of the website is the key.

love Shanghai search engines are not on the website of a It is without rhyme or reason. right down, the blog website, even more than ten days, 20 days to update, search engines are not on the website or plucked right down, and as long as a website does not appear malicious behavior search engine is not processed on the website, we love Shanghai from the April open chain that can see this truth: love Shanghai not to reduce the power of It is without rhyme or reason. website source right down is the website optimization excessive.

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