before I started my business, I registered a company called Trace3 for $100, and in the end the company earned more than $400 million. Of course, Trace3 has become a successful technical consulting and distribution company, but I did not start this company to get rich.

you also need a unique reason for starting a business. If you want to have the influence, in a market even forever, so in essence, companies need to find the truth in the last battle. For an enterprise, the truth is the value. As an entrepreneur, you should be fully aware of what consumers are paying attention to.

your job is to get the real value of the business and what the customer really needs".

distinguish between good intentions and truth

when you are ready to create a company, you should find five potential customers, discuss with them ideas, products or services – everything you want to market. Then I said to them, "I’m thinking of starting a company. I need your help. I would be happy if you could persuade me not to do so. I hope you can listen to me and tell me why my idea is not real."

After explaining the concept of

, please stop to "sell" idea. If your potential customers encourage you to pursue your dreams, then you need to go further: let them buy your products on the spot. Attention is not to invest, but to buy products. Tell them that this is the advance of the value of the product, the goods will be sent to their hands as soon as possible.

I have created a lot of companies, talking directly about the purchase is a key step in the conversation. All of a sudden, a different kind of conversation took place. This is a real dialogue, and ultimately to promote the progress of the company.

suddenly, those who talk to you may tell you that their procurement department is currently no plan to increase the supplier, or they want to look at the sample, and people will say there must be some other customers are using the products they will buy, or some people may say that they don’t have any cash.

No matter what is the reason for their

, you must be good and their own value to distinguish the value of the products is not only for your ideas, but they believe that you can achieve its belief.

next, ask them why you shouldn’t do it. If everything goes well, you can talk about the money. Usually half of the people will still find all sorts of excuses to shirk now can’t pay.

willing to quickly change direction

at a critical point in the Trace3 growth period, a heavyweight client told me at the dinner party that if my company continues to follow its current trajectory, it will be less than three years

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