site early to do robots, spider habit according to the instructions of the robots web crawl, in the course of time will make search engines have some habits, but in order to cater to the search engine to modify robots, so when the search engine to visit the site again found that robots modified, it will understand the previous is not included in the article should be included, so this will lead to some sites included a lot of blocked down a lot, the content is just the source of traffic, which is one of the reasons for the decline of site traffic.

robots included the effects of

modify the robots effect on the weights of the website

robots files

robots file for the novice webmaster may not be very familiar with, which also led to a lot of new ranking is not good or not included, the robots file that is the search engine indicator file, tell the search engines that content can be included that content can not be included, when the search engine to visit our site is the first visit to our robots file if the site is not set, the robots file, then any search engine will crawl web content, it is likely that some of the included files are not included. Once set up the robots file, then found that there are some problems with robots, had to be modified, so often lead to some problems.

to tell the truth, do do so for a long time, what kind of things are encountered, the most common and most Adsense headache is nothing more than a website right down, the main keyword website down, website snapshot not update, the chain to reduce the number and so on, these problems are often made in the early days of the site is not well prepared, cause late changes caused by web site or in some other place, so today I will discuss the influence of his family and robots file on the site.

robots file is early in the site should be good, not in the later want to change can change, unless you do not rely on search traffic to earn.



Effect of


This paper summarizes the

late changes to the robots is not a friendly performance of search engine, with human engine, search engine is a "temper", when a habit in your web site, your site a little change is likely to cause the search engine antipathy, like to modify robots the same, robots changes not only on the content included, the weight of the website also can not be ignored. Modify the robots will cause the website snapshot not update, included reducing, the chain number is reduced, the main keyword site decreased or even hundreds cannot find keyword ranking.

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