introduction: 2015, capital winter contrarian, and many new media access to financing, content entrepreneurship has become a hot word. While the new media bonus period in the past, while the capital touted, the industry is experiencing a reshuffle and rise at the same time, into the rapid integration phase.

carefully want to, entrepreneurs and investors in the group, the rich two generations are indeed not in the minority, there are some people in the venture capital sector mixed with the wind and water. Far from saying that the high exposure of the national husband Wang Sicong is a very business minded rich two generation. In 2011, a strong entry into the electronic sports circle, the creation of IG club, hot speculation game circle, to its own power, so that e-sports industry has become one of the most popular industries in recent years. Founded in 2012, covering 22 MIPS capital, business field, profitable, created in 2015 to enter the panda TV network broadcast industry, occupy the market rapidly. The young 80 rich two generations had from his father who held the 500 million "training fee", abruptly turned 4 billion, for over 8 times. And Wang Sicong himself is no longer just the rich two generation, but a real businessman.


Wang is also the eldest son of Huayi Brothers Wang Zhongjun, who is about to succeed Wang Zhongjun and Wang Zhonglei, the 2 to serve as Huayi directors. He graduated from University of London and received a master’s degree in the Department of mathematics, sophomore year began to contact investment, 2013 game market continues to heat up, Wang Fu also use hand money some game companies slightly return. 2014 >

following O2O, social products, the content of entrepreneurship has become the new darling of the capital, is the wind or foam

, another heavy news is that orange entertainment for $15 million 100 million yuan of the B round of financing, boost entrepreneurial content became again.


drops travel as the first successful taxi platform in China, has achieved considerable success, and the company’s president Liu Qing is a standard rich two generation. Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of the Lenovo Inc board of directors, left office in November 2011 and is currently chairman of Lenovo Group’s board of directors, senior adviser to Lenovo Group, and co chair of the global CEO development conference. In the shining halo of the father, Liu Qing also has a very strong business acumen, 2002 entry of Goldman, 08 years was promoted to executive director, in 2014 to enter the drops, drops help completed a $700 million financing. She was named the most influential business woman by the China entrepreneur for the two time.

careful analysis of Wu Xiaobo’s self media matrix, it is not difficult to find, he invested WeChat Gong number, has its laws:

At the beginning of the new year

2015 is the first year of new media investment.

mentions the rich two generations, always can cause many topics, after this word has been proposed, has been disputed unceasingly. In the venture capital circle, there is a saying, "China’s rich two generations" is the third force of the capital market. They combine the thinking of the younger generation and the capital of the older generation and have a strong creative power. It can be seen that the rich two generations, as a group of "special" groups, have already played an important role in China’s venture capital circle.

‘s new media are from the traditional media.

2. assembly capital partner Wang Fu also

face the irreversible decline of the traditional media, some bold and decisive media people running away, is relatively common at present

writer Wu Xiaobo, the United Chinese Jingwei partner Cao Guoxiong et al., established the "lion home to enjoy the new media fund" has been completed on a number of WeChat number of public investment; Zhang Quanling from the CCTV after leaving a purple cow fund founding managing partner, focused on the content of industrial investment; fan Feng Wei founded high Zhang capital, as the "professional new media fund, only 3 hundred million investment in new media.

visible, access to new media financing, mostly vertical, distinct personality, clear profit model accounts or platforms.


capital outlet

1, Didi travel, Liu Qing,

, the rise of new media over the past two years, is a consensus, the development of mobile Internet, breaking the chain of traditional media, access to "everyone can media" new media era.

Abstract: Wang Xing is also a hidden two rich generation, his father is the cement business, large scale, open an annual output of 2 million tons of cement and modern cement plant in Yongding County of Longyan City, a total investment of 600 million yuan. Wang Xingjia’s villa covers an area of 800 square meters, a total of four layers.

so it seems that the rich two generations of venture capital market does have a small impact, small inventory count down and found that today’s successful entrepreneurs are indeed filled with a lot of rich two generations.

new media player

2016, does content entrepreneurship really have to be the next outlet,

capital market began to focus on content entrepreneurship, frequent financing news. From the elephant commune to a video, and then to the valuation of 1 billion 300 million of the mind, are the new media leader.

Most of the

many investment institutions have even set up special funds to invest only in new media".

from the wilderness to the financing of new media began to explore the business model. Ads, only a little bit, so the line activities, integrated marketing, the emergence of a new model of community electricity supplier, trying to break through.

I dark horse Wang Yi reported January 21st

the target population for the white-collar, middle or above, values and people orientation and Wu Xiaobo channel are similar; the vertical category of the top two; the business model is clear, and has been profitable, you can support themselves, just for the further development of financing.

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