1: medical industry keywords don’t choose too short words, popular such as: painless abortion, cervical erosion, and so on, the reason is very simple, the conversion rate is too low. And do the word energy resources is too large, the return is too small to do the conversion of

9: whenever a stable Links is the initial foundation to improve the weights of the website, a good relationship with a group of peers, so when you are a new station on the line, someone will bring with you, and long-term stability.

patients Any position of reservation

8: refer to the Qingdao Fifth People’s Hospital of Otolaryngology website design which is a new station I do, with a number of optimization techniques, a little Shanghai dragon sense people should be able to see the inside of the skills, of course, is not only the first

high rate of popular long tail words as target words such as: painless hospital, abortion analgesia stream of people how much money the price of the search words people are basically patients, therefore, have a dialogue on the amount may be relatively large, and there is a certain amount of


6: the website must adhere to a daily update, arrange holidays, shift duty, otherwise can not the latest snapshot, the weight will decrease.

not only let visitors can not more than two clicks into the target page, but the main reason is to allow the search engine spider crawling smoothly and quickly included.

page, content page optimization is the priority among priorities in website optimization.

4: the site early may be appropriate to buy the chain weight high, late weight up slowly decrease, but should pay attention to the matter, do not suddenly get rid of the chain, otherwise, may lead directly by k


3: each page must have a return path, to a local bar, enter the next article links, there are a number of other articles into the page links, which recommended a list of articles, popular articles list, a list of related articles, the latest articles list

a Zhou, do the medical industry have 3-4 years, in their own hands to optimize the website also has 10 mixed, do have nationally known, also make a popular keyword ranking home, but in summary, found some truth, nothing today to share with you.

The main purpose of

2: the website style to the atmosphere, column classification should be clear, to highlight the advantages of the hospital, any position on the page should be able to make technical experts, patients see in each place, so that the technical force is approved by the hospital’s

7: some of the popular long tail word article in a div, a disease list box appears in most sites, so as to improve the weight of the article page in the station, improve their rankings in search engines.

5: website to let patients can see the click dialog button, picture, text, let the patient handy to have direct access to the business talk, thereby increasing the amount of

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