a few days ago to write the "WeChat marketing how to play 5 strokes? WeChat marketing skills" are very popular today to talk about the key judgment method! Difficult! Talk about a real case to get to the front.

then the question is, why are there so many business owners do not see the benefits of network marketing is still wait-and-see? Weihai Tianyi network that they haven’t lost, or that the loss is not too serious, but the network marketing and put a lot of, let them give rise to uncertainty.

The results of ! Although the

, more and more enterprises boss realized that website construction is only the first step, however, the website used is the beginning of network marketing. Network marketing in many ways, the most accepted is the first Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization, this seems simple and crude way to good use, can make the enterprise sales doubled.

people as can be imagined second years turn into, camp, spent annually on network marketing costs but hundreds of thousands, the benefits is not only the considerable income is hundreds of times, the better it is millions of office expenses to the province. Now the boss’s fishing, go abroad.

The traditional enterprise, a

and Shanghai love their own products, such as Shanghai, Shanghai love know love, love in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of Library ranking to the top-level domain name as a treat, because love Shanghai’s own son, born two rich generation, good property.

love Shanghai is "human nature", tell you this is the love of the Shanghai auction, accidentally click on.


above is an introduction, it is so Tucao, dry cargo comes, how to judge the keyword difficulty? How to find the keywords for their own business is not very wasteful? Weihai Tianyi network teach you 4 words to judge

then, but also participate in the website ranking level, this will be based on your experience, how Weihai Tianyi network generally see website optimization, various indicators of whether >

2, participate in the website strength: the search for a keyword, appear in the home page ranking website is 100 non top-level domain, two pages, or sub pages, more like this site, that key words more difficult.

3 line city of medium size, products need to set up offices in the country, convenient to contact the local customers around the office requires at least 2 people management, enterprise spends in the office on the cost of $million. Start fairly moist, but with the rise of the Internet, the office of the cost has become more and more enterprises burden. The boss is a man, the revocation of all offices, set up a network of offices, anyway, has lost, as the loss of millions every year to try new forms of marketing.

1, the number of bidding: search keywords to someone you like, open the page to see how much love Shanghai auction, the more the word that means there is more heat, hot competition, according to their own situation to judge is not to fight this tough battle.

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