brings a good thinking to you yesterday, Shanghai Dragon (Shanghai dragon optimization must understand the Shanghai dragon thinking breakthrough), today for everyone to bring a comparison in novelty. But it is not a novelty, but at least you can make a lot of Shanghai dragon buddies see those so-called weight, is expected to flow to purely bluff, here, Su Yong had to write an article for everyone to see, of course, would also like to thank Li Yong for giving me this platform.

Although the Shanghai index is

see here I think we should know this article for you to set things right, sometimes you do look keyword index is high, strong rival, do traffic but not many, this time may wish to use love Shanghai promotion background close optimization of key words, so that you optimize key words have meaning. Of course, buddies.

love do a lot of optimization buddy when decision keywords preferred reference tool, of course there are some buddies know search volume index in Shanghai is not a real love, because love Shanghai also explained this thing. So I would like to solemnly tell you not to be confused by some third tools called love Shanghai weight here, more is expected to flow and don’t produce real flow linked, even after all love Shanghai index is a virtual thing, and some third party tools? You see here may say I’m guessing, since love Shanghai index is not accurate what exactly, or that is what tools can see clearly the true keyword search tool, which is today I want to explain something.

because I mainly do the bidding operation, if you do the bidding must know when to add keywords in the program unit will have a keyword search, search keywords will show the daily search volume keywords, we speak with the map, such as the Hefei Shanghai dragon this keyword.

you can see a few pictures from the above background keywords daily search volume keywords Hefei Shanghai dragon this love Shanghai bidding in 30 days the average is about 60 times the selection area is national, but love Shanghai index is 150, the difference is not generally large. Of course, in order to confirm the accuracy of this tool for the background I specially consulted love Shanghai Shanghai branch customer service, she gave me the result is true please refer to search for background tool, love Shanghai index is just a Internet search industry data, index of different hot vocabulary is different, and display tools for background the tool is true love Shanghai daily net search engine keyword search volume.



in order to confirm the data, here we provide a data map, here is a map of traffic analysis and optimization of the key words in front of the site.


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