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stop doing business for a long time, but for those who master Shanghai dragon I was just a rookie, we all know that we do this small business station is nothing more than the article and the chain, the chain of Shanghai Dragon Master unanimously think that the best way to contribute is soft, especially A5 stationmaster net, the weight is very high, come here for the first time the submission, writing is not very good, please forgive me. Today to share a website online 35 days to love Shanghai home case, in early March, we had a number of central air-conditioning site, optimize the Carrier central air-conditioning maintenance, I mainly responsible for this site, we can see the rankings at this site now:

included this station is not very many, but due to the time and began to write the article has been adhere to the original article, so the article basically is the second, so here in the importance of that original article. Under the specific operation method about my people:

for Links operation method is my Links platform and QQ group, and now I have a total of more than 100 friends of chain platform, there are 2 special links for QQ, each QQ has more than 100 links for the group, in the beginning because of no weight so it is difficult to change to link, but as long as we persist in a period of time, with the increase in the website of the data, to exchange links is not so difficult, I began to exchange links requirements are not so high, as long as a site of the industry is not very far away, there is a flow weight change, because for the new station exchange Links the purpose is to transfer weight, bring flow, weight of their own website accumulated up, in the increase in the standard links.




for a just online website, to submit to the major search engines, I believe this point has not to say, but I want to say is the classification catalog and web site, in the love of Shanghai has not included the site before you can go to the major directory to submit to the originator, task Zac this point is Shanghai dragon mentioned that because of the weight of these stations and included are very high, recommend a catalogue of good for everyone: the first category, the stations do not have to register, submit your site directly on it.

from the above we can see clearly the search keywords in Shanghai love the natural ranking of second, look at the following website included:

in the front also mentioned the, just on the line of the website article must keep original, so to the search engine to leave a good impression, after a period of time, the search engine will return to your site to the cundian, found that as long as the update article will collect, included of a web site the influence weight of this website to a certain extent.

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