textbook version of the stack is said: a large number of stack keywords in the page, hoping to improve keyword density, improve the degree of correlation for keywords ". Keyword stuffing in many places, such as the user can see the text itself, may also be Title Tag in the title tag, Keywords tag, description tag. There is a more official statement is that it’s natural to have keywords in the page. But how accurate grasp the keywords stack limit? Before we do not have a clear statement, the following case to talk about my views:

of course many friends have enough understanding of meta, we may be more ignored keywords content in the stack, or intentionally will keyword stuffing in the content, in order to improve the content of the correlation, as shown in the following figure, a recent comparison of fire is the movie "the Avengers", >

2, the main content of

1, meta

you can search for "Shanghai high pressure hose, the first four home pages are B2B, the first message is obviously obtained by segmentation principle ranking, and is more behind through the accumulation of keywords, especially the third meta accumulation of keywords is obvious, but ranked on the list.

tag location stack


for a keyword stuffing operation cheat like this, everyone who can clearly explain it, even love the Shanghai encyclopedia and some other senior webmaster have no specific talk, are talking about a degree, for example the keyword density of not more than 8%, not more than the real does not mean they will not stack keywords most of the time, we have the layout of keyword stack keywords too, not by the search engine punishment is because you still search engine within the allowable range, but it is very dangerous, so figuring out whether a key is in danger.

generally everyone to meta position key layout is more important, such as title tags, keywords tags and description tags, a lot of people you love to increase the accumulation of some key words of "keyword relevance in the above, it is not completely taken. First love Shanghai search engine optimization points keywords and description tag has been very clear guidelines, so in these places completely unnecessary accumulation of keywords. Secondly, in order to Shanghai Longfeng site sales and service transformation, then we need to use the modified marketing, in which the full introduction of sales description of the site content, easy for users to quickly find information. In fact, many such cases appear in some novice, actually do the word, can do is to search engine rankings, but also conducive to the user experience of search engine information.

Keywords Keywords keywords malicious stackKeywords

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