no matter what keywords, as long as possible to with "money" linked to the keyword, all toward saturation, and even many of the promotion of search engine marketing type. Thus, if the Shanghai dragon optimization site was later actually, is extremely difficult, reluctant to pay 200% others, absolutely difficult to surpass the former, while Shanghai Dragon technology more to the latter more pressure, the performance is more ideal, beyond every one of our competitors, we need to make further optimization of search engine rules the. The main keyword is saturated, I do not know when the prevalence of the "long tail theory", do "


just a few years ago, do the same keyword optimization, how long does it take to complete? Some professionals in the field of Shanghai Longfeng completion rate if the general Shanghai dragon Er speed is several times more than, and now, to manufacture such a gap if it is hard. In which only said, when Shanghai Longfeng technology fully rise space, more exploration and discovery, resulting in different efficiency. The Internet and the like a raging fire, gradually fill the void, the Shanghai Dragon technology is more like in prison". Why do some people say, Shanghai dragon is the chain? The people may laugh, but more often it reflects a situation, the chain plays an important role in the optimization of Shanghai dragon. Some people say that the website optimization is content is king, but indeed, a high original content website, will not do a very low ranking. But all in all it seems that, now the Shanghai dragon is not more radical? Whether the market or the Shanghai Dragon Technology watershed toward saturation is also unknown. The same way, the same pay, to optimize the site, do the same thing, the final result would be "on an equal footing". This also leads to a lot of Er, why Shanghai Longfeng complain, more and more difficult to optimize the list of reasons. And want to go can also cause, such as the Shanghai dragon whether Er can solve the following problems, so Shanghai Dragon technology is a step can be radical:

Keywords: saturation

can do?

believe it or not to say, Chinese Shanghai Longfeng always eating the old love ", what kind of popular optimization methods, follow the trend of optimization will stampede in, but others have been successful, the latter just follow the former campaign. For example, have to say business period love Shanghai brush drop-down box, search, made a number of potential for the former? Is a good example? The final achievement is scanty. At present domestic website optimization way, most of the lack of freshness, do optimization is more than the time + efforts, who have plenty of time, so the final result is better. For this point, complete with "Shanghai dragon" essence of Shanghai dragon is to draw further apart, do what, in order to 42 pounds of force, in the shortest possible time over peers on the website, a high ranking optimization win. But the optimization way today, more win is "resources and contacts". Is in addition, the

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