can choose to go to those who can bring the anchor text platform was released outside the chain, the information in the webmaster with the keyword of the website and related links, ranking on the site this is helpful, many webmasters may ask if it is pure text will help? Small advice even if the platform can do the chain, Kazumi Junmoto and related links on the website also has certain help.

chain is stable directly affect the site’s ranking, when the owners in the choice of platform must pay attention to the stability of the platform, the chain can not be made after a period of time, the chain all came down, if the stability of the site outside the chain is not good, often a large number of off the chain, the website will give love Shanghai drop right processing.

second, the attractive

small webmaster does not recommend the release of the chain platform is fixed, so that once the platform is love Shanghai K off the chain, all you do is sinking into the sea, some time ago Bibi paste was fall in love with the elevation of the chain, many webmaster construction have disappeared, the diversity of the chain is to avoid this problem, you can choose the webmaster forums, blogs, classification of information, B2B, bookmarks, collections and other forms in the release of the chain.

?First, the correlation between chainThe

fourth, with anchor text

chain construction must select the relevant places to send small, for example, Beijing carton factory carton introduced some common sense, if I go to some medical forum to send it is certainly no one see spam links, should choose some ordering carton forum to send the chain, so not only can to increase the success rate of order carton, and you release the chain also has the help to the site itself.

chain is the king? Now Baidu algorithm to adjust, but also to the chain website ranking how much help? The chain will be in the ranking? Beijing carton factory for you, in fact, Baidu has not abandoned the role of the chain, Baidu dislike is the rubbish the chain, some medical sites everywhere outside the chain of garbage has aroused Baidu resentment, but as a webmaster you should clearly understand the chain how to build


fifth, to ensure the stability of the

summary, on the construction of the chain is the webmaster here, suggest you do in the chain can do some love Shanghai related products, such as the love of Shanghai space, know, Wikipedia, pictures, library, love Shanghai for its own production.

many owners think the chain just edit, then find some included good platform is thrown out, so useful? Just wasting your time, small advice you to determine a good title when the hair of the chain, make sure the title you can meet the needs of product groups, can attract enough some people, so many people will automatically help reproduced, bring the advantages of the site itself I don’t understand the webmaster.

third, the chain of diversity

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