, 2, false false weightMany of the so-called ? ? price of gold chain

" or "golden chain" for the webmaster friends should not be unfamiliar, popular explanation can be understood as a high quality Links or single. In order to improve the site weight, ranking a short period of time, many webmaster keen on the gold chain, however burn gold chain can really bring the "gold"? A false "gold" temptation can let the webmaster have been more

bought the friends link easily find gold chain website provided by the seller, the export link is considerable, ranging from tens to several hundred thousand,. We all know that the weight of a web site is limited, the weight distribution is limited, outbound links so many buyers, once purchased the gold chain, can gain much weight as can be imagined. The weight of flowers such a high price to buy gold chain is sometimes not as Links weight equivalent exchange website, so the gold chain, I think it is not necessary to buy.


3, outbound links too much

gold chain sellers how many high PR package, I think that is entirely a deception, they have really high weight, high PR site will not be so much, generally this package will mix a lot of false weights, PR website, the website of PR is obviously to mix through the technique of cheating, mixed in there to achieve genuine. I personally experienced this kind of situation, the author in the purchase link for the customer, the other side of the packed package link to me, the author made a careful analysis of these sites, find each other to provide the link a few really good, but some of it is false PR, send to me is the 10 PR6 website, there are several through the authority the webmaster tools query, did not have such a high PR and weight, some websites or even just a month of domain name registration, a month to make PR 6, I believe that through formal channels are not to do. The other is the author of the purchase link to my gold chain package.


gold chain price has so many webmaster friends are generally brood on gold chain, paid monthly, quarterly payment package, year pay, we often see the webmaster website or forum gold chain sale advertising, when we enter, each package of gold chain price at a glance, the package is less a few hundred more than last month thousands of thousands of January, the general webmaster can not afford. Below is the gold chain package a gold chain sales website, we can see the gold chain minimum package of 15 PR6 to 600 yuan package monthly, quarterly payment 1500 months, so as a year of the minimum package is 6000 yuan. The price of gold chain webmaster friends you can afford to buy



The word "


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