entrepreneurship is a permanent topic in the entrepreneur on the road, to be alert to all kinds of pits in the business, a careless, it may be bankrupt, are you in the venture out of it?


each business philosophy the beginning will be questioned, you have to ask yourself, others will not say no? Just like others say you, you really do? You don’t need to build confidence from others mouth, but have their own value judgment on the business, this is the essential quality of entrepreneurs. The premise of entrepreneurship is that you have a sense of self-confidence on the business judgment impulse, can not be reversed.

do you have people in business, everyone is talking about entrepreneurship, to do business, but before entering the business circle, you should know that entrepreneurship is a pit, in addition to dance, is to choose what kind of posture into. Entrepreneurship is a pit, a pit first want to venture to be crossed is yourself.

entrepreneurship is a lot of time to step on the luck node. The only thing you can do, is to use their own run fast moving constant trial and error, polished product, do everything up in the wind. Talk about entrepreneurship is not on the mouth, you have to really believe, don’t start, we should be especially vigilant, as long as there will be efforts to the car to Piedmont Road, ship directly to the natural bridge, the pit of entrepreneurship.

apple without Jobs, Lei Jun millet did not do it? When they started not what experience. They are gifted with the ability to think and to think. You have to ask yourself, your company is not you can not really push forward is your vision, the vision is the bottleneck of your understanding.

working experience is likely to be the reason your business failure, success in a mature architecture system and brutal competition in the market success is different. Mature enterprise through process management will make mistakes risk minimization, cause rhythm procrastination, difficult to break. Startups in order to survive must be efficient and error, to find the most suitable for play, found even after the iteration. Industry elite entrepreneurial advantage, not work experience, but through the work of the accumulation of industry insight, contacts, and resources.

as the founder of /CEO, your only task is to use the idea of Superman to assemble the team. But your friends, family, classmates often join is to obtain economic benefits in the emotional basis, which is far less than the established in the economic interests on the basis of the long-term emotional go.

you don’t have to have a team, but you have to have a good team. So there is a hidden team as no team, alone a clearer idea. Meet the heart of the partner, you ask them, what they want most? Entrepreneurship itself is a lonely journey, and the team has nothing to do, entrepreneurs have to enjoy the noble temperament of loneliness.

venture risk, decision-making need to be cautious. Entrepreneurship is like immigration, time will tell you, not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship. Maybe one day we can see your bell >

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