learned to cope with the change, change, change in order to live in, this is the real meaning of learning. The change is done for the further reserves, in order to change the long-term survival.

the Shanghai dragon master often talk about the optimization of core

called the "core" crisis means that today particularly effective things till tomorrow can change without any effect, so as a webmaster, we are often surrounded by a variety of large amount of information, so we have to keep learning and abandon.

3. master is not "core"

learning is to keep the resolution of the understanding, study and summary. Instead of a large amount of information in the ocean of blind travel; if the current is in the state of blind travel, first, the life of two, two students in three, tertiary things, a technique called "real" master, you can smoothly carry on the next step, rather than just a plane in Shanghai Dragon. What is the only one point, so it is difficult for you to really grasp.

we often just to understand the core of Shanghai dragon, if one day the so-called core has become a popular technology, so we must grasp the "core" of the real, but also to grasp the core, one day will become an important addition to the core of the core of one day.

1. Shanghai dragon are the core of

Original address: 贵族宝贝xin4jie.> crisis?

so called Shanghai dragon really have the core? I always think that Shanghai is not only the core of the dragon, so a lot of master in blowing Shanghai dragon core and operation, what Shanghai Longfeng three core operation, five core ideas are in advertising, a boast self! This is so. Is because you can not underestimate these operations, because they are really effective and may be effective. So it is necessary to pay attention to these core.

The core

station in Shanghai dragon’s perspective, we often keep trying all kinds of optimization techniques, once found a particularly effective way, think this is the "core", then a copy applied to various websites, finally lead to the entire Internet homogenization and there are a lot of garbage, then this so-called the "core" has become the past dusk.

for Shanghai dragon in this a subject, and any other industries are the same, there do not understand, master, under, understand, there are some light to know some fur and pretend to understand sharper, for some people confused Shanghai dragon Er, often listen to the core, Shanghai dragon optimization of the core, Shanghai dragon core operation, Shanghai dragon core idea, is really so there really emerge in an endless stream, the

The latest trends in the new knowledge, and all kinds of search engine optimization core of Shanghai dragon?The core of ?

2. how to cope with the "core"

really exist?

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