cancelled love Shanghai love Shanghai Encyclopedia of extended reading, reference link with the nofollow label. Love and do not know Shanghai under the condition of the chain, the love of Shanghai products as the main chain of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel began to panic and confused. Because of the traditional "the chain for the emperor, the concept of content is king of the most in-depth optimization of Shanghai dragon heart, so a series of recent actions of love in Shanghai has caused Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel inside. Another LEE in Webmaster Platform on high-profile release of "talk about the chain judgment", is to let those Shanghai Longfeng staff for their lost confidence. If so, then we put the construction of the chain on the side, to concentrate on the station optimization, and the optimization of the best reference station, I think Shanghai is the best Webmaster Platform articles on love Shanghai search engine optimization guide and Shanghai love their products.

on the structure of the site, in fact it was really understand, but also a large number of Internet related articles, we again recommend "love Shanghai SEO Guide" this book carefully read, there are very detailed introduction of website structure optimization, so I will not say here.

, the three interactive voting mechanismThis search engine optimization guide

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The picture, the optimization of


When I do not know how to do

, a web site structure

were also mentioned, therefore, to take this book carefully, not at once is enough. The so-called interactive voting mechanism, like the top with the two buttons on the. This is the website would be slightly less than, but another point or do well, that is to add the TAP tag, the tag classification is a station optimization details about this blog website will do better.

on the Internet atmosphere plagiarism is serious, a lot of people collected articles directly ctrl+c, ctrl+v, so many pictures are references to each other. Here we only discuss the optimization of the picture how to do, and don’t discuss other. First of all we should do is picture of ALT tag, we are more familiar with the. Then we should also add a title tag on the picture, the following love Shanghai encyclopedia on picture information. Finally, I suggest the best picture uploaded to their web site space, after all we don’t know the address of the picture will not be cited by others is thought to be deepened to collect the reason.


in the construction of the chain case, will concentrate on the station optimization. I will do some optimization in the station the whole mind, website 20 days, the site performance is quite satisfactory, then I believe it will be better. The intelligent sweeping robot 贵族宝贝iurobot贵族宝贝 feeds, reproduced please keep the source, thank you.

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