first used a previously raised up his Sina blog, on condition that the blog article can release any wonderful collection can. The web site keywords to do into the blog to add a hyperlink, ending with the new domain name links in the blog. Then in the editing into an article such as: "today to see the road sweeper in XX company stopped at the entrance 100 ready, this shocked the city to produce the equipment enterprises and so on an article". Of course, after the release will be search engine. The next second days we have on our website to write an article such as: see in a blog yesterday in an essay like this today saw the road sweeper in XX company stopped at the entrance 100 ready, this shocked the city to produce the equipment enterprises "it is this batch of cars a certain salesman received the list… Hyperlink and then add the Sina blog there. The next third days in the Sina blog to write an article in the "XX company website said the list is from XX received the list and so on. This back and forth a few times, so that not only our blog and website with fresh content, but also the search engine to create a trust concept, see this new film as our traditional method of online speculation in the same. This is why this method can speed up the domain fast search method pastebin.

, a manufacturing chain


nonsense not say we entered, of course, the premise is your site out just add the product content and the original novel if:

fast included on the domain of love: love Shanghai Shanghai tools to share, love Shanghai love Shanghai statistics, open platform and so on, why do you say that, because this kind of code into your website homepage can make search engine very quickly when you are the new domain name, so it is easy to be included.

Two, make full use of

The A5

four, each big website directory submission

I said here: 1, compared to the fire Forum (A5 talk, Shanghai dragon why forum, Chinaz forum bar etc.) reply post signature leave your new domain name, so you can make every reply several search engine spiders climb > every day

last week issued a "method" for the whole chain of resources in the history of the article to get a lot of praise, today the author in 5 years of Shanghai dragon optimization experience share a story about speeding up the new domain name is search engine included.

, three sites submitted to the search engines in

fell in love with the sea

website chinadmoz open directory sites, 35 directory

five, the old growth on the chain

There are two kinds of

I do not say this, do Shanghai dragon knows that love Shanghai major search engine submission port next to submit.

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