Three, how to play the BOSS The

love growth tasks, task task Shanghai encyclopedia. We put the account application down, immediately to meet growing tasks. Three previously, you only go around the completion of tasks to do. After the completion of the task, have rich experience rewards.

task is nothing more than two skills in editing entries, and three will have detailed skills.


method is the wrong spelling, I confirm the fastest method. Love Shanghai "common typos", will search a lot of typos, then put the wrong copy to love Shanghai Encyclopedia Search box to search, there will be a lot of spelling out wrong, you look at the picture about the period in which, editor of the times to find out correct in editing in reason error: the word, "XXX" should be "XXX" on the line, by 100%.

love Shanghai Encyclopedia for website optimization, I believe we all know. But the difficulty of adding links in the encyclopedia, everyone is deep, too difficult!

has mastered the method, BOSS is also very easy, I edited a class entry level to level Four. "

to do a task and a note, is to do the task. In the process of upgrading, was found the task, the task of audit faster, non task entry audit is slower.

how to add links to websites in Wikipedia? A high level encyclopedia account, you add links by simply significantly enhance the rate of the. Here are three upgrade their practical skills of love Shanghai Baike account, with these three skills, quickly rose to the level Four Wikipedia account, and can join the core users, easy to own website links.


skills and clever brush mobs



does, for their own web site links when looking for information is a must, when to upgrade just to get the experience, of course, more convenient and better. Here to tell you a quick points experience value method, I called it "smart mobs brush".

Needless to say the benefits of

upgrade is to edit and create entries to gain experience, many people will think themselves, which have so many familiar entries can be edited and edited? To find information, a waste of time:

, a clever skills to do the task

example: search input "spare no efforts" in Wikipedia, so obviously the wrong word, just have Jishipian wrong, you changed it to "pinching", few took the hand soon.


I said BOSS, which is a complex edited version of Wikipedia, can get 5 points experience value. To complete the task must grow encyclopedia, complex editor version, otherwise it will get stuck. To become the core user encyclopedia, edited version must be complex to 50, so BOSS must play.

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