5, the website is a new station, a new station on the line after a month is very difficult to get keywords ranking, after all, is still in the site search engine evaluation period, only after the evaluation period to get search engine recognition, keyword ranking will increase, and the flow will be improved.

2, build network >

1, not ranked. I believe most of the site is through the Shanghai dragon optimization to get traffic, so when the words did not list the natural flow will not raise up, after all, not how the user enters the site will flow

1, improve the keywords ranking, this is a most commonly used method to improve the flow of the specific operation depends on the optimization ability of the individual, one drawback is that for a long time.

2, less marketing channels. Site traffic is to rely on the optimization and promotion in order to get a promotion, has ten channels and one of only a channel to promote the site, the traffic is low points.

3, the site was K off. K off the site is naturally unable to get traffic from search engine.

4, website ranking in the top three home page, a keyword, 90% traffic was occupied by the top three, less than three of the site traffic can get poor.

website optimization about the FAQ, we have carried out 7 aspects, respectively "new", "why not be included website snapshot update" why not, "false original article why not be included," "why", the site only included the home page "website", "why included the amount of decline keywords ranking why not stable", "why not go" website weight, today we are going to talk about the topic of traffic. I believe that many owners are very interested on this issue, a website traffic affects website advertising revenue, at the same time we do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the ultimate goal is not to increase website traffic. Relatively speaking, now the network to improve the method of site traffic is very large, but most of the methods have limitations or temporary, such as micro-blog’s own account, need to have a large number of fans. And use the forum to increase website traffic is difficult, because now the forum many restrictions, can not send a link. So the web traffic is not going to be a lot of sites has not solve the problem. Today the author explain the reason of the low site traffic and how to improve the site traffic.

first look at the causes of low site traffic.

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6, keyword selection is not correct, if you choose the natural search volume keywords only dozens of it, so it can bring the flow is very small, according to the test, a search volume of 100 keywords can bring about 40-60 flow.

so we should how to improve website traffic

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