3, gradually abandoned super chain intermediary behavior, many publishing and editing articles, reproduced by the formation of natural accumulation or weight, at present A5 and Chinaz are provided in this platform, and this platform is legitimate, reasonable, formal, let the URL of the website links to promote accumulation so as to improve the site’s ranking.

1, if We’ll see the

was originally a ranking in the first love Shanghai site, because the site is engaged in sale behavior links, so as to be the love of Shanghai has been reduced to fifteen, for a link to the website on sale, this is a great event and >

in the green new algorithm we can see the love of Shanghai for the enhancement of development, from single to comprehensive before now, from no operational guidance to the present and past, in the face of this situation as a webmaster to do is change, change the love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm mentioned: super chain links, intermediary, sell buy links, if your site is in this situation, it must be changed, so how do we change the

is super chain intermediary website, then began to rectify the recommended links, no matter how you operate, at least to reduce the number of 30% links, this change is a visible change love Shanghai.

love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm has been a few days out, in the past few days I love Shanghai on the hyperlink algorithm mentioned Scindapsus intermediary this topic, found some phenomenon, the so-called super chain intermediary website imperceptibly has changed slightly, we are very familiar with the local news website previously, 90% websites are super chain intermediary website, and now these sites gradually reduce the non related links, hyperlinks before Scindapsus algorithm out of Hebei news network under reach hundreds, and today I’ll see found only 20 a few, from which we can see: the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm is not only more data is a new guide.

link site, a site in the key link is to rectify, through the analysis of the last few days I found a link to the website by selling in the near future also suffered a ban love Shanghai, that is Ali slightly, if you trade links, so Ali slightly you know, but recently this website is in trouble, we see a picture.

2, if you are pointing to the website, then I suggest in the recent publication and industry related content, website operation behavior is not the right to stop.



super chain intermediary is nothing more than the quality of Internet provides link quality, the birth of this situation as part of the site and increase the burden of publicity, but also provide a basis for some illegal interests of the site, in the face of this situation is proposed to combat the love of Shanghai. If your site is in the intermediate state or by pointing to the state, so in the new form I have two suggestions:

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